Family guy age rating

family guy age rating

Contrary to its title, this isn't a family show. Read Common Sense Media's Family Guy review, age rating, and parents guide. ‎ Robot Chicken · ‎ Parents · ‎ The Simpsons · ‎ Teens & kids. Read Family Guy reviews from kids and teens on Common Sense Media. Flag as inappropriate. Kid, 12 years old March 6, age 2+ not rated for age. Bawdy, flawed game based on the cult TV show. Read Common Sense Media's Family Guy review, age rating, and parents guide.

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The version of this work detailed above is rated by the BBFC under the Video Recordings Act for use on any Packaged Media format including DVD, Blu-ray and VHS. It's studpid because like every season they have this dumb clip where peter fights a chicken and it takes like 10 minutes out of the show. Good show with over the top humor This show should be suitable for kids 11 and older the bad things in it are language sexual content and violence drinking is a main theme in almost every episode and if your kids want to watch it watch with them and talk about what is bad and what isn't. As an adult, you laugh at its absurdity, but for kids, what kind of messages are you teaching them? Family Guy All the kids in my homeroom watch this show, and I didn't know much about it until I looked it up in a website about the plot and characters. Chris isn't the worst, but he says things like "whip your A-word". Join the movement Donate. The Family Guy video game is rated "Mature" mainly due to its crude humor. Kid, 10 years old January 26, While some of spielbank duisburg adresse episodes end with a good message or moral-lesson, for the most part they are all the same in their crude humor and lesson-less programming. Is this the way anyone should look at the world? Quick search of releases Search what you want to watch Advanced search. family guy age rating